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 ميكرفون ستديو موديل:KSM44SL

ميكرفون ستديو

 موديل : KSM44SL


KSM44 Large Dual-Diaphragm Microphone

مدى التردد
20Hx to 20kHz


Dual 1-inch, externally biased, ultra-thin, 2.5 micron, 24-karat gold-layered,
low mass, Mylar® diaphragms provide superior transient response
Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier for transparency,
extremely fast transient response and no crossover distortion;
Minimizes harmonic and intermodulation distortions
Full-range frequency response (20 Hz - 20 KHz) for an extremely
accurate reproduction of voice and instruments
Extremely low self noise (7 dBA) for critical studio vocal recording
Premium electronic components and gold-plated internal and external
Subsonic filter eliminates rumble from mechanical vibration below 17 Hz
15 dB attenuation switch for handling high input SPL sound sources
3-position switchable low-frequency filter virtually eliminates unwanted
background noise and controls proximity effect
Durable zinc die-cast housing and hardened low carbon steel grille
to protect the cartridge from accidental drops or misuse
Uniform polar response provides natural off-axis response
for critical recording
An integrated three-stage pop protection grille to guard against wind
and breath noise
An internal shock mount to reduce unwanted handling and stand noise

Performance Characteristics

Extended frequency response

Very low self-noise

Exceptional low-frequency reproduction

High output level

High input SPL capability


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