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 ميكرفون لاسلكي مع جهاز إرسال و إستقبال موديل:SLX14/85

ميكرفون لاسلكي مع جهاز إرسال و إستقبال

موديل : SLX14/85



Shure SLX14/85 Wireless Lavalier System


The Shure SLX14/85 wireless system consists of an SLX4 receiver,

a SLX1 bodypack transmitter and a WL185 lavalier condenser microphone.

Sound installations and working bands need powerful

wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently.

Shure's rugged SLX UHF Wireless Systems exceed these

demands with innovative automatic setup features,

such as auto frequency scan and transmitter setup,

exceptional wireless clarity, and legendary Shure microphones.

Supporting 20 compatible systems across multiple UHF

frequency bands, SLX smoothly integrates into houses of worship,

lecture halls, conference rooms, and mobile gear cases.

SLX Wireless Systems feature Shure's patented Audio Reference

Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits

of conventional wireless technology.

The SLX4 receiver brings unprecedented ease of use to

 wireless with Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic

Transmitter Setup. With included rack hardware and detachable antennas,

 it is ready for immediate installation right out of the box.

The SLX1 bodypack transmitter is designed to hold up

 to the most adverse conditions. Whether used with headworn,

lavalier, instrument microphones, or with guitars or basses,

 the SLX1 is the definition of reliability.

The WL185 is a lavalier electret condenser microphone

designed for use with a wireless body-pack transmitter.

 It has a 1.2 meter (4 ft.) cable terminated with a miniature 4-pin

 mini connector. The furnished tie clip can be

rotated in 90 degree intervals for placement flexibility.

Recommended for general purpose sound reinforcement

applications requiring good rejection of ambient noise.

Use of windscreen highly recommended. Pickup angle is 130 degrees.

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