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 سماعة رأسية مع ميكرفون موديل:SM2

سماعة رأسية مع ميكرفون 

موديل : SM2


Shure SM2 Headset Microphone


Close-talk microphone operation and unidirectional polar pattern
for effective noise reduction
Smooth, natural microphone voice frequency response
Microphone can be worn on right or left side, boom pivots
through 155 degrees
Microphone boom length adjusts through 89 mm (31/2 in.) range
High sensitivity enclosed ear receivers block out room noise,
enhance clarity of reception
Self-adjusting, free-swiveling cushioned earpieces promote
user comfort, lower fatigue during extended periods of use
Cardioid dynamic
Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz

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