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 ميكرفون صغير مثالي للتلفزيون و المسرح موديل:WL-93

ميكرفون صغير مثالي للتلفزيون و المسرح

موديل : WL-93



Shure WL93 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone


Subminiature lavalier design; ideal size for theater, television, broadcasting,
video, film, and sound reinforcement
Small, inconspicuous mounting hardware
Full, clear sound comparable to larger microphones
Smooth extended frequency response with presence rise specially
tailored for chest-worn microphone operation
Controlled low-frequency roll-off reduces low-frequency clothing
and room noise
Low distortion, wide dynamic range
Uniform omnidirectional polar pattern



Type: Condenser (electret bias)
Frequency Response (Figure 4): 50 to 20,000 Hz
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional, uniform with frequency
Output Impedance: 3000 ohms
Output Level(1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL): Open Circuit Voltage:
38 dBV/Pa (13 mV)
Output Clipping Level(at 1,000 Hz): 0.25 V at 120 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at 120 dB
Maximum SPL: 120 dB
Dynamic Range (maximum SPL to A-weighted noise level): 102 dB
Output Noise (equivalent SPL): 18 dB typical, A-weighted
Hum Pickup (electromagnetic): N/A
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 76 dB at 94 dB SPL (IEC 651)
Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces
positive voltage on pins 3 and 4 with respect to pin 1 (ground)
Recommended Operating Voltage: 2 to 10 V; 5 V nominal
(pin 2 to pins 3 and 4)
Current Drain: 40 A typical
Environmental Conditions: Operating Temperatures:
18o to 57o C (0o to 135o F), Storage Temperatures:
29o to 74o C(20o to 165o F)
Cable: Black 1.27 m (4.17 ft), attached, two-conductor,
shielded, terminated by miniature connector type TA4F
(WL93T: Tan 1.27 m [4.17 ft])
Case: Microphone: Black ABS thermoplastic case with
stainless-steel-mesh grille
Net Weight: Microphone: 16 g (0.57 oz)


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