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 ميكرفون لاسلكي لاقط مع مكثف موديل : WM-4310

ميكرفون لاسلكي لاقط مع مكثف

موديل : WM-4310


WM-4310 Wireless Microphone


·         WM-4310 Wireless Microphone

·         The wireless microphone WM-4310 is of

·         lavalier type designed for use on UHF band.

·         The WM-4310 accommodates the supplied microphone unit

·         or headset with a cardioid pick-up pattern and is suitable

·         for speech reinforcement applications. The built-in circuitry is so

·         designed to minimize the influence from ambient noise.

·         One frequency can be selected from 16 operating

·         frequencies of 16 frequencies of 690 - 865 MHz.

·         An optimized PLL-synthesizer minimizes the oscillation frequency

·         drift resultingfrom the ambient temperature or voltage fluctuation.

·         Audio level control adjusts the microphone sensitivity.

·         Battery lamp indicates battery consumption to prevent the unit

·         from malfunctioning when the battery level remarkably decreases.

·         Compact size and high reliability.




Microphone Element

Electret condenser type, Cardioid pattern



Frequency Range

690 - 865 MHz, UHF

Selectable Channe

16 channels

RF Carrier Power

Less than 50 mW

Tone Frequency

32.768 kHz

Modulation System

PLL synthesizer

Maximum Input Level

120 dB SPL


6LR61 (9 V x 1)

Battery Life 10 hours (alkaline)



Power/Battery lamp (common use)


1/4 l herical type

Operating Temperature

-10 to +50°C


Resin, coating, dark gray


62 (w) x 142 (h) x 32 (d) mm


150 g (with battery)

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