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 سبيكر جداري نظام المصفوفة موديل : HX-5B&W

سبيكر جداري نظام المصفوفة

 موديل : HX-5B&W

Variable Dispersion Speaker

IF YOU DESIGN AND INSTALL SPEAKER SYSTEMS using conventional two-way box speakers, you know that pattern control in the voice frequency range can be difficult to manage, especially in reverberant spaces. The TOA HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speaker offers a radically different approach to speaker design with four adjustable dispersion angles — 60, 45, 30 and 15 degrees — that you can change in seconds! Best of all, you get pattern control below 1kHz in a compact and lightweight enclosure that’s perfect for a multitude of applications. Think of it as the most versatile "building block speaker in your toolkit.
Features include high power handling (600 Watts continuous), lightweight polypropylene construction, available in black and white, plus Speakon and screw terminal connectors. The HX-5 can vertically or horizontally mounted with the built-in bracket or with optional wall, ceiling and stand-mount hardware. Other options include weather-resistant versions, FB-120 subwoofer and 70 volt matching transformer. The new HX-5 speakers are backed

المواصفات الفنية :

• Ideal for auditoriums, houses of worship and gymnasiums and more!
• Adjustable dispersion angle to 60, 45, 30 or 15 degrees
• Improved intelligibility through tailored coverage
• Compact design includes four preassembled modules with four LF drivers and twelve HF dome tweeters
• In-line driver arrangement for superior vertical coverage control
• Horizontal coverage remains broad through speech range: 100 deg. fixed
• Contoured waveguide-baffle for distortion-free coverage control
• High power handling: 600 W cont. (200 W, 24 hr. pink noise)
• High sensitivity: up to 99 dB, 1 watt @ 1 meter (500 to 5,000 Hz)
• Stack up to four units for improved coverage control
• Lightweight polypropylene construction
• Available in black and white
• Weather-resistant versions
• Parallel connectors - dual Speakon and screw terminal
• Vertical or horizontal mounting
• Built-in surface-mount bracket
• Hardware included for flying / suspension
• Optional wall, ceiling and stand-mount hardware
• Optional bracket for joining multiples into one array
• Compatible with Omnimount 60 Series mounting hardware
• Optional subwoofer, model FB-120
• Optional 70 volt transformer, model MT-200

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