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 سبيكر سقفي 6.5" موديل : F-2852C

سبيكر سقفي 6.5"

موديل : F-2852C


• Ideal for high ceiling applications
• Special diffuser provides wide off-axis high frequency response
• Ported bass-reflex design
• Co-axial: 6.5” cone driver and dome tweeter
• Wide-dispersion: 120؛ conical (1-4k Hz avg.)
• Frequency Response: 60 to 20k Hz
• Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL (1 W, 1 m)
• Continuous Power Handling: 180 W (8 ohms)
• Built-in 25/70.7/100 V transformer (30 W max.) with 8/16 ohm modes
• Convenient power tap selector on front baffle
• Metal back-can and safety cable
• Removable terminal block with loop-through terminations
• Low-profile, paintable grille
• Overload protection circuitry
• Mounting C-ring included (F-2852C ONLY)
• Tile bridge included (F-2852CU2 ONLY)
• Optional accessories:
o TB-250 tile bridge (Qty. 2 supplied with F-2852CU2)
o HY-TB1 tile rails (F-122CU, F-2322C, F-2352C, F-2852C)
o HY-BC1 surface-mount back-can (F-122CU, F-2322C, F-2352C)
o HY-TR1 trim ring (F-122CU/CU2, F-2322C/C2, F-2352C/C2, req's HY-TB1)

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