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 Digital Mixing System من TOA موديل:D-2000 Series

Digital Mixing System من TOA

موديل:D-2000 Series


The TOA D-2000 Series Digital Mixer is designed to provide highly flexible mixing for small to medium-sized applications. Up to four Digital Mixing Processor Units and Remote Control Units can be connected to suit the actual size of the venue. Each unit is controlled via a LAN, enabling decentralized installation. Additionally, customization for a wide variety of applications is smoothly and easily effected, thanks to the eight available slots for input/output modules.


·         Ideal for such installed sound applications as audio/visual presentation areas, corporate boardrooms, houses of worship, gymnasiums, and partitioned hotel banquet halls.

·         Modular design for a wide variety of applications.
* Up to a maximum 128-input/output system configuration (when four D-2008SP units are connected).

·         Easy operation – 32 preset memories, auto-mixing, and auto-adjustable feedback suppressor.

·         Ability to process a variety of signals, with feedback suppression, Ducker/NOM attenuation, parametric equalizer/filter, compressor/auto-leveler, and delay.

·         Remote operation capability via PC control, the D-2012C Remote Console Unit or D-911 VCA Fader Controller.



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