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 Modular Digital Mixer من TOA موديل:D-901

Modular Digital Mixer من TOA


Acoustic feedback can be suppressed through simple operation.
• Auto-Mixing functions (Ducker*1 and NOM Attenuation*2) automatically adjust the input signal volume.
• Signals are digitally processed, ensuring high-accuracy sound parameter settings.
• All settings can be performed at the unit using the LCD screen and setting keys and knobs located on the
front panel. The settings can also be made at a PC using the dedicated software.
• Modular construction permits flexible configuration of inputs and outputs, from 2-IN/4-OUT to 12-IN/8-OUT
• Up to 16 preset patterns can be stored in memory, which can be easily recalled from either the unit or
connected external equipment.
• An RS-232C port permits remote control of the unit using an AMX or Crestron controller, or similar external
equipment. .
• A protect function prevents accidental changes of front panel key settings.
• The use of an optional D-981 or D-983 Remote Control Module, or an optional D-984VC VCA Control
Module permits easy remote operation of volume control and preset memory recall.
• The use of an optional D-984VC VCA Control Module permits the sound volume to be adjusted from remote
locations using the faders or volume controls.
*1 Automatically adjusts all channel gains in response

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