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 Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers من TOA موديل: 9000M2 Series

Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers من TOA

موديل: 9000M2 Series


■ Multiple Input Priority Modes sets priority order when multiple inputs with
the same priority level and output assignment are broadcast
• First-In-First-Out (FIFO): input that occurs first is broadcast
• Last-In-First-Out (LIFO): the most recent input is broadcast
• MIX: all inputs are simultaneously mixed and broadcast
■ Voice Operated (VOX) paging activation with adjustable
threshold/sensitivity and gate release time
■ Stereo Link – Mirrors all the settings of one channel to the adjacent
channel, reducing redundant setup tasks for stereo signals
■ Speaker Line Switching – select up to four speaker lines from a single
amplifier output using optional model SS-9001 Speaker Selector and
AD-246 Power Supply
■ Mixer Out/Power Amp In Patching Loops (Except M-9000M2) for
connection of external processor(s)
■ Balanced Line Output(s) – two: M-9000M2, one: A-9060SM2,
A-9120SM2, A-9240SHM2; expandable with T-001T dual line
output modules
■ Keylock Security sets password-protected access to prevent access to
Input, Output, Utility & Power functions
■ Alphanumeric Input/Output Channel and Memory Naming
■ Two Remote Volume Control Terminals on mainframe
■ Four Control Inputs – programmable to activate Paging/Scene
Memory, Volume Up/Down (Input or Output), Mute (Input or Output),
Power On/Off, Emergency Mute, Sync On/Off (expandable to twelve
with C-001T module). Works with optional ZM-9003 or custom contact
■ Four Control Outputs (open collector) programmable to activate
external relays (expandable to twelve with C-001T module)
synchronized with Event/Scene Memory, Channel On/Off (Input or
Output) and Power On/Off. Works with optional ZM-9003 or custom
contact panel.
■ RS-232C serial port
• Allows upload & download of programming templates and firmware
upgrades as well as real-time control of various parameters.
• Control protocol available
• AMX and Crestron control modules available
*AMX is a trademark of AMX Corporation
*Crestron is a trademark of Crestron Electronics, Inc

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